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How to check whether  rental fee was successfully debited

1. Open the MID in Phoenix Admin

2. Go to Payment History

3. Check the columns - Transaction Date & Failed Date

Transaction Date: the date when we attempted to debit
Failed Date: the date when the system detected that we failed to debit

If you look at the screenshot above, you can tell that since March 15, 2018 we have not been able to charge the rent (i.e Failed Date is specified). The last time that we were able to debit was February 15, 2018 (we can tell it was a success because nothing is specified in the Failed Date column).

Note: Failed Date is only updated 2 -3 days after the transaction date.

Example: If we tried to debit on September 15, it will only be until 2 -3 days that we can check whether it failed or not.

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