Support steps

  • At the top right of the screen, check if there is a plug icon inside of the battery icon.
  • If there is no icon, try another power point and/or different micro-USB charger.
  • If there is an icon, disconnect the power from the device. If the device powers off instantly, this indicates that the connection to the battery may be loose. Follow the instructions below.

    • Remove the battery from the back of the device by opening the screw in the middle of the backplate.
    • The battery is a blue cylinder, pull out the battery and you will then see three wires connected to a white plug.
    • Disconnect the battery by removing the white plug (note it can be a little tough to disconnect the white plug.
    • After 15 seconds, reconnect the battery and attach the backplate.
    • Turn on the device by holding the green button down for 7 seconds.

If the device is still not charging, call support on 1300 780 788 for further troubleshooting.

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