A transaction being declined can happen for multiple different reasons, some common reasons are:

  • Incorrect PIN has been entered into the EFTPOS device
  • Insufficient funds on the card
  • The card has expired

When a transaction is declined, it's possible for the cardholder to see a pending charge for the declined transaction in their account. This can occur when a transaction is processed, the funds are first kept aside and are considered pending. When the transaction is successful, the funds are cleared from the cardholder's account and is then considered cleared.

If you do see a declined transaction and funds are pending in the cardholder's account, we strongly recommend you to charge the card again as the declined transaction will automatically reverse and the funds will not be cleared from the cardholder's account.

For cardholders to feel as comfortable as possible, it is a good practice to ensure the cardholder has a copy of the receipt showing the transaction was declined.

If you have any questions please contact our support team by calling 1800 861 321 or email support@liveeftpos.com.au.

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