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When an order is paid for or refunded successfully, the merchant can find the Transaction Reference ID in the ‘Order notes’ section. This Reference ID will also be included in the Live payment report, referred to as the Receipt No.

In the case of failed payment attempts, a note is added with the Reference ID and the error:

The Reference ID can also be found under ‘Edit Billing Details’ section, labelled as ‘Transaction ID’.                    

The Transaction ID field is used to facilitate refunds (and other transaction actions) via the Live eCom Payment Gateway, so it is advised to keep this field intact (used for reference only).

Note: As the Reference ID is only logged in the Order Notes, a merchant will not be able to refer to the transaction if the note is deleted and the Transaction ID field is modified. Merchants will need to contact support to retrieve the original Transaction Reference/Transaction ID.

Payment Reference

Payment Reference (displayed in Order Notes) are is only used when the transaction is in ‘Pending’ status. It is used mainly for support purpose.

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