It is possible to change the colour, position, and font of the order confirmation pop-up by editing the Live eftpos WooCommerce stylesheet. This is a great option if you wish to ensure the confirmation pop-up matches your brand design elements or payments pages on your website.

Changes can be made either in WordPress or directly to the downloaded CSS file.

In WordPress

Navigate to Plugins and select Plugin Editor.

Ensure the Live eftpos WooCommerce plugin is not active before editing and then select it from the list of plugins to edit.

From the Select plugin to edit drop down box, select the WooCommerce Live eftpos Payment Gateway, then select woocommerce-livegroup-api.css.

CSS values can be edited directly in the stylesheet.

Directly from the Zip file

  • Download and open the WooCommerce Live eftpos Payment Gateway .zip file.
  • Open the woocommerce-livegroup-api.css file in a CSS code editor

Style changes can be made by finding #livegroup-confirm-pay-order-modal and edit or override each class, examples are listed below:

  • .modal-content
  • .modal-header
  • .close
  • .confirm-pay-for-order-item-amount

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