To process a purchase, follow the steps below:

  1. Initiate a purchase transaction via the POS interface.
  2. The device will prompt you to Tap, Insert or Swipe the customer's card.
  3. If a contactless card is presented, position the card above the device screen for processing.
  4. The device will advise if the transaction has been approved or declined and print a receipt.
  5. Alternatively, for Insert or Swipe card processing, select the account type on the device.
  6. The device will prompt the customer to enter their PIN (If required) and then press 'Enter'.
  7. The device will advise if the purchase has been approved or declined.

Note: If the device is in standalone-lite mode, then the purchase amount is entered on the device and not the POS interface. Settlement and all other functions are completed on the device as the device is not connected to the POS.

If you require assistance, contact Customer Support on 1800 861 321 or email support@liveeftpos.com.au.

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